Botswana is a landlocked country in Africa

Botswana is a landlocked country in Africa. The country has the lowest population numbers in the world though it is one of Africa’s most successful countries. Although safari tours can be done in many African countries, the flat landscape of Botswana makes it ideal for land vehicles. The popularity of the land for such expeditions as the Botswana photo safari is such that although it is very remote, there are many lodges along the way to cater for accommodation. No camping is done out in the wild as wildlife are free to roam about as they wish. Visitors can only embark to these areas under the watch of a recognized tour company. This is done for 2 reasons.

The first being that the area is protected and permission allows for officials keeping visitors to a minimum and not being too intrusive to the animal’s environment. Botswana tries its best to keep wildlife areas protected with only the human interference coming from tour guests who want to appreciate them in their own setting.The second being that guests will be watched over and have a guiding hand to not interfere with the animals and not put themselves in harm’s way. Make no mistake, the Botswana photo safari is excellent for spotting wildlife in their natural habitat but guests need to not forget that it is in an animal’s nature to be territorial of their territory. With guides and modified vehicles, this should not be a problem.


UnderTour Company’s watchful eye, Botswana has not had a serious problem in this regard. Always book with an internationally based tour company who deal with tours around the world so you would get the best possible experience. As the group moves along on the Botswana photo safari they will stay at different lodges. Lodges are luxurious with all modern amenities and an added factor as to why the Botswana photo safari is a top choice for most people. Add to this is the safety level while still being able to enjoy the wilderness. Lodges also act as the theoretical base for the Botswana photo safari. As much as it will be exciting to see the animals, it is further fuelled by the joy of snapping some photos.

It is either basic or more advanced techniques taught back at the lodge with the learning being put to the test out in the wild. Beginner lessons include topics on the equipment itself and how to work with the natural lighting. Advanced topics will cover specific angles and motion photography. Because of the striking contrast in lessons, it is important to book into the correct Botswana photo safari to get the most out of it. Botswana gives scope to venture out into areas such as the Okavango Delta, Kalahari Desert and Linyanti. Each offers different habitats which offer striking contrasts to the photos from wetland to desert. All travelling takes place in vehicles that have been modified to handle the terrain and protection in the event that animals seem interested in these new sightings on their land.

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