The Subantarctic Island cruise is not done in one of those massive holiday cruise ships

Birding is a fantastic hobby to engage in. The possibilities are endless and no person has ever had the distinction of saying that they have amassed a full listing of every species on earth. The hobby also broadens birders views of the world because you would have to travel to continue further. Birding travel packages are some of the most popular holiday offerings and allows for everyday folk to be able to afford to travel to exotic and faraway places to see new and exciting bird species. Package prices are brought down even further when cruises are used as the mode of transport for the trip. The Subantarctic Island cruise which takes place around the New Zealand area can be done for a fraction of the price than if you were to fly in and have to make use of hotels and ground transportation. On a ship, everything from transport to accommodation and meals are done in a single vessel, keeping costs way down.


Cruises are only offered as birding packages if the destination is a coastal area. The Subantarctic Island cruise is great because there are hundreds of islands in the region and the boat can easily access them all. The Subantarctic Island cruise is not done in one of those massive holiday cruise ships. It is a bigger boat, well equipped to carry over 40 birders and a 20 strong crew. Getting to the boat on the start date of the tour is key. Getting here can be done by flying into New Zealand or by taking a cruise there. This will be done on the bigger cruise ships carrying well over a thousand people. This part of the trip will not be covered as part of the Subantarctic Island cruise tour package. The entirety of the trip once the boat is reached will be covered though. Guests will get their own rooms aboard the boat. Dining is done in a communal area.

It is here that the group convenes at the start and at the end of each day. This will be to discuss the day’s itinerary or have discussions on the day they have had. The Subantarctic Island cruise boats are small enough that they can travel through the islands and even dock down at the ones that will be visited during the trip. This makes life so much easier as guests can socialize, eat or admire the surroundings while getting to the island. Not having that hour or so to deal with road travel means that guests can embark for the day’s excursion in a truly rested form. Islands visited on the Subantarctic Island cruise include the Macquarie, Chatham and Milford. Endemic species which are sure to be seen include the Royal Penguins, Northern Giant and the Campbell Teal. These are species that can only be found here, so making the trip will yield a lot of rewards in terms of birding. The area is notoriously cold even in what is considered the warmer months, yet this is the only obstacle to overcome. Easily done, when surrounded by such beauty.

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