As far as wanting to see an abundance of wildlife during a holiday, no place exceeds Botswana

As far as wanting to see an abundance of wildlife during a holiday, no place exceeds Botswana. Here, the Big 5 are present in droves along with varieties of birds, reptiles and mammals. This is due to the diverse habitats visited on a Botswana wildlife safari. A full scale adventure awaits anyone going on the trip, but what exactly can one expect from the tour. The 3 areas that make up the core of a Botswana wildlife safari are the Okavango, Linyanti and the Kalahari. As much as ground vehicles will be used during the tour, a fair bit of walking is necessary. We do not want to scare off the wildlife with the noises from vehicles. Trails have been developed by the local tourism initiative which are safe to take. It is also the best way to see the animals and to photograph without the restriction of windows. For this reason, tour guests must be a good health to walk and also bring along a good pair of hiking boots on the Botswana wildlife safari to handle all of the different terrains.


The accommodation base changes every night. Even though only 3 areas are visited, these are huge and to explore as much as possible, the tour group does not overnight in the same spot twice. Linyanti and the Okavango have lodges along the way to rest at for the night. Out in the desert of the Kalahari, there are no permanent structures except for the oasis town further in. During the journey here on the Botswana wildlife safari, the group will be staying in campsites. 3 meals a day are provided on the Botswana wildlife safari. Guests have the chance to fully submerse themselves into the culture through the food.

Highlights of the Botswana wildlife safari include the following. The landscape of the country. Here lies an area mostly untouched by man, making the landscape just that much more authentic and beautiful. Pathways that were walked on by Bushmen from centuries ago are still in existence in Botswana. Tour guests are taken on this journey, led by local representatives. It culminates in the exploration of cave paintings. The wetland region of Linyanti is best explored by boat. Locals call it travelling by mokoro and offers a fascinating look into the region. Perhaps the biggest lure of the Botswana wildlife safari is the safari portion itself. Led by an expert in big game, the tour group sets off for the day’s excursion in modified Jeep vehicles. Some areas have to be walked through, where the vehicle cannot go. Others will have to be done within the vehicle due to the danger point. The tour guide is one hand at all times to ensure the group gets to see all animals promised and to ensure their safety. Botswana is deeply passionate about wildlife conservation which is just part of the reason why so many animals from elephants to lions and even hippos can be spotted in just a single drive.

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