Bird holidays allows for birders to have a greater chance of seeing a greater number of bird species

As the phrase suggests, bird holidays is exactly that. It is the combination of travelling to a foreign land along with many bird watching activities. Included as part of a bird watching holiday package are the following.

Accommodation. This is probably the most intimidating aspect to organize for a bird holiday. Unlike ordinary tours where you would have an idea of how long to spend in each town, there is no such concession on bird tours. It takes a person in the know to be able to schedule accommodation in advance which would depend on the number of possible bird species in the area and how long it would take to see a good many of the endemic ones.

Transport within the boundaries of the country. All transport within the country is arranged as per the tour. This is jeep vehicles within the bird watching areas or minibuses to travel to the destinations. Charter flights are also offered as a part of premium bird holidays. The flights to and from the visiting country is not an inclusion of bird holidays.

Meals are included in bird holidays, 3 times a day and water during the daily outings. You would only need to carry along cash on bird holidays to pay for any extras that you need or to make some purchases along the way. Local markets are visited on bird holidays. They are the best places to get locally crafted mementos of the trip and also to support the local economy.

Entrance fees are taken care of by the tour agency offering the birding adventure. Most bird watching happens in game parks and reserves. Entrance fees are necessary for their upkeep. Many of them, worldwide, are noted conservation areas. It means that all wildlife and bird species have a safe haven to call home. Bird holidays allows for birders to have a greater chance of seeing a greater number of bird species within the designated areas and for the entrance fees into the park to go towards conservation efforts.

Tour guide. It is the tour guide who will really make or break bird holidays. The entire aim is to see dozens of species of new birds during the trip. This is achieved many times over under the guidance of the calibre of guide seen on bird holidays. A reputable company will allow for this to be possible which is why one must choose a travel agency offering bird holidays who have countless tours under their belt. It shows that people keep returning for tours. Bird holidays can be done to almost any place in the world. You would want to choose a travel agency who has the network and resources to be able to accomplish such a high scale event.

Concessions are made by travel companies which would comply with requests from birders for their bird holidays. Such an example would be a budget trip which can be scaled down to be more affordable to birders or a comprehensive trip which would allow them the time to spot all of the famed bird species of the visiting region.


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