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London Shines Out in the Summer of 2018, Even in the Hotels

Traveling in London during summer 2018 can sometimes be exhausting, so finding the best hotels offering room service can relieve the ills of any traveller. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel or a room for one person with lunch, the activities plays a crucial role in any vacationer’s overall experience. We often hear that London is an expensive city … and this myth is not always justified. Yes, the rents are very high for those who live there, much more than in Paris. Public transport is also very expensive (roughly speaking, it’s double the Parisian rates).

But when you go as a tourist, the budget depends a lot on our choice of activities . London offers a wide choice of outings, whether to walk around, take a breath of fresh air, satisfy its cultural desires, see a show, eat … Some tourist attractions are very expensive. So let …