Your Guide to Holidaying in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The hustle bustle of city life can get to most of us. But what if there was a city away from a city that breathes spirituality, art and culture, sure to blow your mind away? Yes we are talking of Yogyakarta. Staying in Yogyakarta this holiday season? is the spot for you to find out. You have made a choice you’ll only be proud of; when you return from your vacation at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Blending the best of spirituality and art, this city is the soul of Jakarta, home to millions of residents and one of the most populated cities in Indonesia with tourists.


What is Yogyakarta famous for?

Yogyakarta also popularly referred and known as Jogja and Jogjakarta, is located in Central Indonesia and boasts of art, cultural and scholarly inheritance. Anyone who visits Java province in Indonesia is certain to visit Yogyakarta. In close proximity the Borobudur Buddhist temple and Prambanan Hindu temples, a UNESCO Indonesia World heritage site and archaeological marvels are nestled. One of the main reasons why Yogyakarta is flooded with tourists can be attributed to these two attractions. Prambanan is the largest architecture of Hindu temple in South East Asia. Getting around this town is really easy. One of the major reasons being its small size and everything being nearby. From trishaws to taxi’s, trains, and cars or by foot, there are many ways you can head on to explore this art and culturally enriched city. From crossing trees to test your luck to relishing Gudeg an Indonesian special delicacy to marveling around water castle, there’s so much you can do, you’d wish you had more time on your hands. From the nook and cranny on the streets to the local and restaurants offering best of Javanese cuisine and more, immerse yourself in to a hub of food, entertainment and art.


What are the accommodation options in Yogyakarta?

There are many spaces that will be fit your preferences. From 5star luxury hotels to tourist popular places like Whiz Hotel Yogyakarta, accommodation in Yogyakarta offers innumerable options to suit one’s fancy. Families to solo travelers to honeymooners in Yogyakarta for a romantic getaway, you can easily find and book a accommodation of your choice. Guest houses to holiday homes to best value hotels get your hands on an accommodation of your choice effortlessly in the liveliest city of Indonesia, Yogyakarta.


You haven’t really seen the Indonesia unless you make it to Yogyakarta, a popular tourist town in Central Indonesia. An urban hub with attractions that will blow your mind away, the city still ruled by Sultan, Yogyakarta is every tourist and vacationers must visit destination. Traditions at the highest display and culture at its best visibility, Yogyakarta is truly blessed with the best Indonesia has to offer. Shop for batik, eat gudeg, learn Javanese, treat your eye and pray at Indonesia UNESCO world heritage sites Prambanan and Borobudur, while at Yogyakarta in Central Indonesia, on your vacation, make memories of lifetime and enjoy it all.

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