The highway lies on the Pamir Mountain range and along with providing a fabulous scenic view,

Spanning over 2000 kilometres the Pamir Highway is one of those destinations that every avid driver needs to cross of their bucket list. The sheer length of the road combined with the many physical obstacles makes it a ride in a million. Though, the area is remote and goes through multiple countries which does make it a nuisance to tackle on your own. This is where a Pamir Highway tour comes along to bridge the gap. The tour caters for all your basic travelling requirements, allowing you to enjoy this famed road at leisure but to partake in the drive whenever the mood takes you. Driving the length of the road takes a couple of days but the Pamir Highway tour is done in a 3 week period. It would not make sense to travel to this exquisitely maintained old world land and to not explore the region. Many fun and exciting opportunities lie along the way. Mountaineering forms an integral part of the Pamir Highway tour.


The highway lies on the Pamir Mountain range and along with providing a fabulous scenic view, the mountains are also explored. This is primarily done through mountain climbing. ThePamir Highway tour is only done in small group numbers allowing for a fast paced movement through the range. For his reason, those participating on the Pamir Highway tour need to be in a fairly good physical condition. It can be quite a gruelling experience especially when combined with the high altitude which make breathing a bit more difficult. Of course, the mountains do give something extra than just spectacular views. Many salt springs are found along the way. You would just have to know where to look as these are considered hidden gems and not easy to find. A bonus of being a part of a Pamir Highway tour is being led directly here by the tour guide.

Whilst guests are higher up on the mountains, it is a good time to whip out the cameras and start snapping away. With no distractions for miles, this is the perfect opportunity to tackle some landscape photography. The lands are pristine and ecologically protected and very few areas like this are left to enjoy. Besides the highway itself, the mountains have a few cycle trails. Bikes are provided by the Pamir Highway tour company and will just have to be stated that you would need to use one. If cycling is not your thing, then a simple hike will suffice just as well. Though, there is something to be said for cycling through the fresh, crisp mountain air. Horseback riding is a keen activity in the area. Horses are used to get to the more remote spots that are inaccessible by vehicle, foot or bike. Finally, a new inclusion to many Pamir Highway tours is the helicopter ride. An aerial view will leave a lasting impression on guests, with its combination of lakes, mountains, roads and hills. We must not forget the drive itself which is an adventure onto itself, with the many bends and massive length.

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