Plan an affordable land and sea vacation to the Bahamas – Let the cruise sail you!

Are you planning to spend a few days relaxing in the Bahamas resort with memories that will last for a lifetime? If answered yes, you can leave back your wallet and worries to enjoy an all-inclusive Bahamas vacation from South Florida and remember this as your best land and sea vacation on a cruise. For all those who are nature-lovers, Grand Bahamas is home to one of the most ancient underwater cave systems of the world and this can definitely be one of the best vacations that you had ever planned.

What is the best time for Bahamas cruises?

The low season is perhaps the best season for visiting the Bahamas. The fact is that the tropical maritime temperatures in Bahamas rarely budge more than a few degrees from 80 and in the Bahamas islands; the sun shines for more than 300 days in a year. The rainy season ranges from May through October but rain here and there is usually fleeting. In the months of August to November, the hurricane season picks up.

Cruise lines for Bahamas

The few of the most mainstream lines like the Disney, Carnival, Norwegian cruise line and royal Caribbean offer Bahamas cruises. Majority of the cruises begin either on the Eastern seaboard or on the Gulf Coast and they usually offer you a plethora of reasonable voyages which might range from 3 to 7 nights packages. There are many cruise lines which stop in the Bahamas, even though it is in some private island or on some regular Caribbean cruise. You should compare Bahamas cruises before investing your dollars in one.


Itineraries of Bahamas cruise

In case you’ve been searching for the Bahamas cruise itineraries, here are few you should take into account.

  • Short hop trips: The 3-5 night varieties usually either depart from Port Canaveral or Miami or South Florida. There are few Bahamas cruise lines which provide few alternative homeports as well. The shorter ones usually visit an amalgamation of Freeport, Nassau, Key West or some private island through the line of the cruise.
  • Overnights: Some cruise lines offer two nighters throughout the year from different destinations. The Bahamas is bound to be the sole destination of these cruise lines. Every year, there are few major cruise lines which provide 2 night cruises too.
  • Weeklong cruise: Seven and eight night cruises usually leave from New York, Cape Liberty, Galveston, Baltimore and New Orleans and they call on Florida and the Bahamas. The Florida stops are Key West or Port Canaveral.

Tips for Bahamas cruise

Before you go on board the Bahamas cruise, make sure you pack bathing suits, casual clothes and enough of sunscreen. You can visit many things and here and there and hence you should pack your comfortable pair of shoes. If you’re a golf junkie, bring your club to hit the links. One more thing to be aware of is that crime is on the rise in Bahamas and hence you should be alert about your surroundings and your belongings.

So, if you’ve been waiting for long for a land and sea vacation to the Bahamas on a cruise, you may take into account the above mentioned tips and advices.

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