Things You Should Include In Your Getaway Plans

When traveling, it’s not just about you going to your destination. It should involve a good level of preparation. The following are some of the getaway plans you should include in your travel prep to-dos. Most travelers overlook these essentials, so you shouldn’t make the same mistake.


Get a Travels Rewards Credit Card

It’s actually worthwhile to get a travel credit card to earn signup bonuses and enjoy miles or points for free hotels stays and flights. Most travel credit cards have bonuses with the max of 50,000 points. Now, that’s a lot of miles—probably enough to fly anywhere on the planet. There are also exclusive cards you can get if you want free flight or free hotel rooms. This is definitely a great way to save more and get more.

Switch to No-Fee ATM Cards

There are lots of banks that offer this deal. The withdrawal fee might look insignificant, but if you talk about multiple trips to the ATM, that could mean extra dollars of savings.

Check for Last-Minute Deals

Right before booking that hotel or buying that flight, do check for the last-minute deals that you may have missed. You may end up regretting if you don’t do that one last check before you go.

Plan Your Activities

This does seem common, but believe it or not, there are lots of travelers who don’t really plan their activities ahead. They just somewhat go with the flow and rely on their momentary urge. Though some people prefer things to go that way, it also won’t hurt to try checking the best activities to do in your destination—just in case you run out of momentary ideas. Furthermore, knowing your activities will help you finalize your budget.

Sell Your Stuff

If it’s a long-term trip, you may want to consider selling your stuff to earn extra for your trip. Do this around 2 months before leaving. You can visit Amazon, Gumtree, or Craiglist for this.

Tell Your Card Companies You’re Traveling

Whether it’s a short or long-term trip, it’s always best to inform your credit card company that you’ll be overseas. This way, the transactions you’ll make out of town won’t be flagged as fraudulent. Your card might get blocked if it’s detected as fraudulent. You don’t want to waste time talking with your credit card company over the phone rather than enjoying your holiday.

Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not just for medical or life protection. It also covers your cancelled flights, camera breaks, stolen possessions, etc. Know all of theperks of having a travel insurance and check if they’re something that you personally need. We really don’t know what will happen. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

These are some of the things you should include in your getaway plans. Of course, you need to take care of the basics, like the hotel or resort rentals, packing your stuff, setting your budget, and so on. However, it’s best to go as detailed as possible to travel trouble-free and enjoy the best perks there are.

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