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How to Make your Trip to Dubai a Memorable One?

Dubai is one of the most exotic locations in the world that offers the view of amazing modern skyscrapers, delicious food, traditional souks, exciting desert safari, various sightseeing excursions,and endless shopping mania. Dubai has everything to offer that you wish from a holiday. It is a perfect tourist destination where you can find number of things to explore. Let’s find out what are the key things to do in Dubai that can make your Dubai trip a memorable one.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Since 1996, Dubai’s annual shopping festival is a famous shopping extravaganza that offers number of artifacts to choose. Rangingfrom electronic products, food items, clothes, andinstruments to gold, you have a number of options to explore. It is a paradise for shoppers. Apart from shopping, you also get the chance to view art galleries, entertainment events and cultural plays with stunning fireworks.This amazing festival starts from 1st January

Things You Should Include In Your Getaway Plans

When traveling, it’s not just about you going to your destination. It should involve a good level of preparation. The following are some of the getaway plans you should include in your travel prep to-dos. Most travelers overlook these essentials, so you shouldn’t make the same mistake.


Get a Travels Rewards Credit Card

It’s actually worthwhile to get a travel credit card to earn signup bonuses and enjoy miles or points for free hotels stays and flights. Most travel credit cards have bonuses with the max of 50,000 points. Now, that’s a lot of miles—probably enough to fly anywhere on the planet. There are also exclusive cards you can get if you want free flight or free hotel rooms. This is definitely a great way to save more and get more.

Switch to No-Fee ATM Cards

There are lots of banks that offer this deal. The withdrawal fee might look …

The Alaska photography tour is one such example of uniqueness with endless possibilities

A photography tour should be chosen according to a destination that would give you the most scope for picture taking. The Alaska photography tour is one such example of uniqueness with endless possibilities. The unique factor on the Alaska photography tour comes from the fact that you would not be snapping away at your normal beach paradise or fantasy forest. The snow-capped mountains provides an excellent base as background not just for far off portrait shots but for the many other factors that Alaska is known for. The photography tour is also an adventure of sorts with guests getting the opportunity to participate in bob sledding or mountain hiking.The animals for example give great practice at action shots. Going with a tour company on the Alaska photography tour is a safety net of knowing there are measures put into place to keep you safe at all times. It can be …

See Milan in Two Days

It’s impossible to truly visit Italy without spending some quality time in Milan. This international hub has so much to offer, from fashion and design to history, sports, art, and unbelievable Italian food. With only two days to spend, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all that the city has to offer. Since a little efficiency goes a long way, this itinerary will help maximize your Milan experience!

Day 1

As soon as you arrive at Milan-Malpensa Airport, make your way to Terminal 2 and check in at the MOXY Hotel. Choosing this budget hotel right at the Milan airport lets you drop off your luggage and change into an outfit that’s comfortable for exploring the city.

The most convenient hotel Milan has in store for you is located right at the Milan-Malpensa Airport. Hop off the plane and check in at the budget-friendly boutique hotel before you can say …