How to Make your Trip to Dubai a Memorable One?

Dubai is one of the most exotic locations in the world that offers the view of amazing modern skyscrapers, delicious food, traditional souks, exciting desert safari, various sightseeing excursions,and endless shopping mania. Dubai has everything to offer that you wish from a holiday. It is a perfect tourist destination where you can find number of things to explore. Let’s find out what are the key things to do in Dubai that can make your Dubai trip a memorable one.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Since 1996, Dubai’s annual shopping festival is a famous shopping extravaganza that offers number of artifacts to choose. Rangingfrom electronic products, food items, clothes, andinstruments to gold, you have a number of options to explore. It is a paradise for shoppers. Apart from shopping, you also get the chance to view art galleries, entertainment events and cultural plays with stunning fireworks.This amazing festival starts from 1st January and ends on 1stFebruary. So make booking in advance during this window and plan to have a memorable trip.

Buy Gold in Dubai

Gold is available at dirt cheap price in Dubai and if you are a Gold lover then you can definitely buy high quality gold at reasonable rates from here. Check out Gold and Diamond Park to explore range of options and varieties in Gold, Silver, platinum etc. For almost all the people visiting Dubai, buying Gold is one of the most important things to do in Dubai.Along with rates, the quality of gold available in the city is incomparable to the quality provided in other parts of the world. So if you are investing here in gold, it is surely a profitable investment for you.


Enjoy Skydive from Palm Jumeirah

If you are an adventure freak then Dubai enables you perform some extreme skydiving activitiesfrom Palm Jumeirah Islands. Experience the free fall from airplane or participate in Skydiving activity. Just imagine yourself taking leap from 1000 feet above the land. It shall leave an everlasting experience in your mind which is going to be an adventurous and thrilling one.

Don’t miss out BurjKhalifa

It is the tallest building in the world and undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist destinations around the world. It is must visit place in Dubai. It is advisable to book your majestic tour to Burj Khalifa well in advance such that all the last minute hassles and booking issues can be easily avoided.

Desert Safari and Marine Park

Dubai offers number of famous activities suitable for kids and adults both and one of them is Marine parks and safari. Desert safari in Dubai gives you the chance to explore beautiful hilly dessert surroundings which can be travelled using jeeps or camels. It is also a must to explore Marine Park and under water aquarium in Dubai located at Dubai Mall.

Take care of below things while you explore Dubai

If this is your first visit to Dubai then you must take care of below mentioned things in order to make your visit memorable one.

  • ·         Dress Modestly: While you visit Dubai, it is important to ensure that you respect its culture, traditions and ethics. Dubai is a Muslim city where lot of attention is paid to what you wear. While exploring beaches, women should not wear exposing Bikinis and men should also not go around without a shirt in public.
  • ·         Be prepared to tackle Dubai Heatwave: It can be a difficult task to travel around the hot city of Dubai as the temperature here is always shooting above 50 degrees Celsius during afternoon. There’s always a risk of getting sunburn.Hence to stay protected, it is essential for individuals to stay hydrated by consuming lots of fluids and ice creams. It is suggested to put on sunscreen lotion and wear hats with sunglasses to protect your body from the heat wave.
  • Abide the laws while you are in Dubai: One of the key aspects of visiting Dubai is giving importance to reading all the rules, regulations and laws. It is important to check the laws before planning things to do in Dubai. Many people ignore the laws due to lack of awareness and end up paying heavy fines.

The Last Words

Above mentioned is the list of things to do in Dubai which must be explored while you are in the city. Once you have been to all the places and performed different activities, you can then showoff among the friends and make them jealous.

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