Five reasons to cruise the Sub-Antarctic

The untouched islands of the Subantarctic region in New Zealand make a wonderfully rewarding holiday tour. It’s no normal holiday destination though, with travellers here being treated to unique plant and animal species amongst stunning backdrops in one of the most remote areas on Earth. A cruise tour provides guests with getting the most out of the adventure as they are constantly moving between areas and all travel is done in a comfortable ship. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should consider going on the Subantarctic Island cruise.


  • A photographers dream- there’s so much scope that its almost too much to bear, from napping sea lions to rocky mountains, the islands produce stunning magazine worthy shots. Each island offers something different to photographers and is great for both amateur and professional enthusiasts.
  • The best travelling companions- people come from all over the world for the Subantarctic Island cruise and there is great opportunity to make new global friends. Cruises fit around 50 guests per tour, an ample number for a lot of social activity, so guests can even embark alone, and connect with people who share similar wildlife interests.
  • Safe sailing- safety is paramount on the Subantarctic Island cruise. It is the Antarctic region and the climate is cold and there is some roughness to the expected on the open seas. Ships are able to withstand the tough Southern Ocean and safety drills are demonstrated. Many cruise companies make sure they operate under a cloud of environmental responsibility and encourage their guests to take an interest in conservation projects.
  • The islands itself- the fact that these New Zealand islands have rarely been explored, there is an air of mystery to them. Described as a Garden of Eden sort, the Campbell and Enderby Islands are exceptionally exploratory as they are pest free.
  • The special moments- to the avid traveller, it’s always about what new and unique experience awaits me on a particular trip. The Subantarctic Island cruise does not disappoint on special moments from the antics of the Rockhopper penguins to discovering why UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

Name: Aaron Lewis

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