So what exactly can someone going on the Rwanda gorilla tour expect?

So what exactly can someone going on the Rwanda gorilla tour expect? For starters, a fully prepared trip at a very affordable price. Tour companies in the area have first dibs on the lodges and permits and often get them at really reasonable prices. These are then offered to Rwanda gorilla tour guests at cheap prices as well. With exchange rates and monetary conversions, it makes the Rwanda gorilla tour true value for money. Guests will only have to get themselves to Kigali and the rest is done by the travel company. They arrange the entire itinerary so you know what is going to happen every step of the way.

This also takes the weight off your shoulders in planning a schedule. The Rwanda gorilla tour happens entirely in one area. This is the Volcanoes National Park. The park is divided into sections and majority of the area is dedicated land to the gorillas. Pathways allows for people to safely go into their ground and watch them. This is a major tourism invite for Rwanda but they do limit the number of people that can be in the park at any given time. All measures are taken for the wellbeing of the gorillas first. Tour guests are not allowed to go into the park themselves and have to be a part of a registered tour group and under a certified guide. Guests are not allowed to directly interact with the gorillas.


Seeing as photography is a huge component of the Rwanda gorilla tour, flashes are not allowed within the park. People must possess a permit for the duration of their tour. This can easily be attained with a tour company. Attempting it on your own may leave you very disappointed as they sell out months in advance. The Rwanda gorilla tour can also not be done as a spur of the moment thing. The waiting list for the tour is always long. As soon as future dates open up, they are sold out in no time. Anybody wanting to go on this type of tour would have to be in constant contact with a travel company in hopes of securing a spot for themselves.

It would be pretty annoying to have to constantly contact the travel agency which is why it’s great that an alternative answer exists. Simply sign up to their site and leave behind your details. When they are putting out dates for the Rwanda gorilla tour, they will send this information to people that have already signed up. Therefore you will be among the few that will be the first to know about it, therefore giving yourself a greater chance of booking a spot. Getting that coveted spot is the hardest part of the Rwanda gorilla tour. Once you have overcome all odds and are indeed successful, you would simply pack your bags and make your way to Kigali for the start date of the tour where you will be picked up at the airport by the tour guide to begin one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.

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