The “Indo” in Indo Kratom is brief for Indonesia. There are different strains with different levels of potency and effects, counting on which island it originate from. The Indo Kratom tends to fall on the soothing end of the spectrum. This is often thought to be due to the rigid cell walls of the plant leaves. The Indo strain is analogous to the Green Malaysian strains during this way.


While I touched on harvesting, drying and farmers as “reasons” why Indo is so popular, there are a couple of more reasons behind its popularity.

Indo kratom features a high 7-OH-mitragynine count, far more than other kratom strains. It’s also unique because it’s less mitragynine than other strains, which allows it to offer users specific effects, which we’ll discuss in only a second.

Indo also has brand recognition; it’s a term that’s used for several things. Indo kratom has that star quality and I’m sure it plays a task in when users are choosing a kratom strain to undertake.


The most popular Indo kratom is red vein.

Red Indo kratom, sometimes mentioned by Super Red, can offer you sedative effects that are one thing you would like to remember of.

Red vein Indo is understood to be an excellent mood enhancer. Since its sedative effects, some users with anxiety and sleep problems use it for those purposes.

Like most other red vein kratom strains, red Indo also can be wont to relieve pain. In fact, users have reported that red Indo last longer as a pain reliever than tons of other kratom strains.

Red Indo is additionally good for those of you that have muscle soreness or injuries, like a pulled muscle. This is often because Indo can assist you muscles relax.


While Indo kratom, also called Super White, isn’t known for exciting effects, white vein Indo is that the most stimulating of Indo strains.

For users that need a boost of energy with pain relief, this is able to be an honest strain of Indo to undertake.


Green vein Indo, also known by Super Green or Super Indo, has pain relieving and relaxing effects. Some people label the sensation as “tranquil” and “at peace.”

Although it’s not as strong as red vein Indo, it still has pain relieving and sedative effects.

The Red Horn Kratom may be a rare strain of Kratom that’s reportedly harder to grow and cultivate as compared to other strains. Since it’s one among the rarest variety, it’s not readily available. Red Horn is typically confused with Maeng Da strain. The Red Horn Kratom is native in many Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Borneo. It’s a highly rare strain that’s believed to be a hybrid of the Red-veined and therefore the Maeng Da strains. Also called as ‘tri-horned’ or ‘spiked leaf’, the Red Horn leaves have jagged tip almost like Maeng Da leaf. In fact, the leaf tips appear as if a “horn”, hence the name. The lower a part of the leaf seems like that of the Red-veined strain

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